How to Choose the Right Platform and Ads for Your Brand

Ads : How to Choose the Right Platform and Ads

Ads , How to Choose the Right Platform and Ads for Your Brand , Amid constant adjustments to social media algorithms and search engine rankings, it can feel near impossible to get your content noticed. While organic search is the free and perhaps more comfortable option, the chances of going viral without putting some money on the table are slim.  

What is Social Media Ads?

Social media advertising, or social media targeting, are advertisements served to users on social media platforms.

Social networks utilize user information to serve highly relevant advertisements based on interactions within a specific platform. In many instances, when the target market aligns with the user demographics of a social platform, social advertising can provide huge increases in conversions and sales with lower cost of acquisition.

In this blog post, we’ll cover all the ins and outs of social media advertising, from managing a campaign to different types of ads, as well as practical examples of how to put them into practice. 

How to Manage Your Social Media Advertising Campaign

1. Run your ads campaigns manually.

Out of the three ways to manage a campaign, running it manually is going to be your cheapest option — and the simplest. All you have to do is choose an advertising platform and set up your campaign. 


Running an ad campaign manually gives you the freedom to invest 100% of your budget into testing out ads and finding the best ones, rather than spending extra money on ad management tools or agency fees. 

Plus, taking charge of your own campaigns will inevitably allow you to develop an eye for advertising so that you can learn and improve your campaigns in the future. Instead of letting someone else do the work, you can become an expert yourself and be able to speak the language, even if you do end up hiring outside advertisers down the road.


Of course, becoming an advertising expert takes time and commitment, which means that the more time you invest in advertising is lost time in other areas of your business. Especially if you are a business owner, spending hours on end mastering advertising might not be conducive to a busy work schedule.

And just because you invest a lot of time in becoming an advertising expert does not mean that your ads will be successful. Especially if you’re just stepping into the advertising world, it may be a gamble to invest all that time and risk not getting the results you want. 

Who it’s ideal for 

If you’re operating on a tight budget and simply don’t have the means to hire an advertising agency, running your campaigns manually is your best bet — but unless you’re already a seasoned advertiser, you need to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn. 

However, if you don’t have the money or the time, there is a second option that might be more suitable.

2. Run your ads campaigns via automated software.

Considering social media ad spending is expected to reach $153,974 million in 2021, it’s no wonder there’s a plethora of third-party tools to help you manage your campaigns. 


Sometimes on-site ad managers aren’t the most user-friendly, but third-party tools like AdEspresso or Revealbot can make optimizing Facebook ad campaigns and analyzing results much simpler than using Facebook’s Ad Manager.

Or, you can even use automated tools like Adext, which uses AI to manage the entire campaign. This way you can focus on other areas of your business while the platform does the rest.    

With so many tools on the market, you’ll be able to save time, optimize campaigns and ensure that their money is going toward ads that will actually turn into sales.


Although third-party tools are often relatively affordable, they are still an additional cost to consider. 

And just like manually running your own ad campaign, automated software still poses the risk of spending the money but not getting the results you want. Plus, since you aren’t controlling the entire campaign process, it might be more difficult to identify where the ads manager is falling short.   

Who it’s ideal for 

For merchants who are working on a tight budget but also don’t have the time to invest in running their own campaigns, using third-party tools is the happy medium.  

Creating a successful campaign is definitely achievable with automated software and minimal invested time, and for business owners with limited resources, this is likely the best option. However, for those who have the budget and want the best ad campaign possible, the easiest option is to turn to the professionals. 

3. Hire a managed service to run your ad campaigns.

While this last option is often the most expensive, it’s also the simplest and will likely reap the most benefits. Rather than relying on your own expertise or automated software, hiring a professional is the most reliable option for achieving the results you want. 


Of course, the most obvious advantage of hiring an advertising professional is that they know what they’re doing — it’s their job. As a result, the chances of you getting your desired results are much higher. 

Plus, hiring a managed service means there’s zero work on your part, so you can invest time and energy into other areas of your business that need more focus. 

So, although you’d be paying a fee and ad spend, the hope is that your advertising will turn into consistent sales and keep you net positive.  


The one downside to hiring an ad agency is that if you don’t hire a good ad agency, you could end up wasting a lot of money. 

Unfortunately, some agencies are only self-proclaimed experts who lure customers into wasting their money, so make sure you do your research and only hire trustworthy professionals.  

Who it’s ideal for 

For those who have the budget to spend and are eager for immediate sales, hiring a managed service is the most ideal solution. And since social media advertising is easily measurable, if your ads aren’t performing up to your standards, then you know exactly who is responsible, and you can always hire a new and better agency. 

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