Amazon Prime Video's Pakistan

Amazon Prime Video’s now available in Pakistan

Amazon Prime Video’s Watch Party feature is now available for Pakistani users. The feature allows users to watch television shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video with their friends and family. It also has a built-in chat feature through which people can communicate with each other. Amazon Prime Video’s Pakistan Watch Party became available in the United States at the end of June this year, followed by other countries.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed people’s lifestyles in different ways and that includes consuming content and interacting with loved ones due to social distancing and people staying in homes. Earlier this year, a Google Chrome extension which had been for a long time, TeleParty (formerly Netflix Party) became popular among Netflix users which follows the same model as Amazon Prime Video’s Watch Party.

How to use Amazon Prime Video’s Watch Party feature

1- ) Login into your Amazon Prime Video’s Pakistan account on a desktop.

2-) Search for a title using the search bar or click on a title on the homepage for a television show or movie you want to watch.

3- ) After you have selected your preferred television show or movie, you will see a Watch Party option on the right side just below the title; click on it.

4- ) After clicking on Watch Party, you will be directed to another page. On the right side, you will see a “Let’s Start a Watch Party” text. Below it, there is a chat as option where you can enter your username. After choosing your username, click on the “Create Watch Party” option.

5- ) You will be directed to another page. On the right side, choose the settings option. You will see an option to copy a link. Copy that link and send it to your friends and family with whom you want to watch. You can select the chat option to chat with them while watching too. You can watch with up to a 100 participants and not more than that.

The drawbacks of Amazon Prime Video’s Watch Party feature

There are certain limitations to Amazon Prime Video’s Watch Party’s feature. They are as follows:-

  • Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari desktop browsers are not supported.
  • The feature is only available on desktop/laptop. It is not currently available on other devices such as mobile phones, smart TVs, gaming consoles and tablets.
  • The host and participants must be from the same country.

Amazon Prime Video became available in Pakistan at the end of 2016. The service offers a 30 day free trial. After that, the subscription renews at $5.99USD/month (954.38 Pakistani Rupees). Popular titles on the streaming service include The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and Mirzapur to name a few.