5 type of food that bright your skin

bright your skin, 5 type of food that bright your skin

Do you want to bright your skin? If you suffer from low-light skin, gray or reddish areas, or dryness, multiple factors may be causing this. However, it could be excessive sweating, a time of stress, hormonal factors, or prolonged exposure to the sun. However, if you want to bright your skin certain things can help you, such as yogurt, nuts, as well as others that will allow you to combat dehydration.

In addition to using cosmetics that hydrate your skin, you should seek medical help when the problem persists, in addition to observing what foods and what drinks you are consuming, as these influence when having healthy skin.

5 Foods that are essential for skin care:

1. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits:

Vegetables are a great source for brighter and healthier skin especially orange and red, such as apricots, carrots, among others. Well, these foods have in common that they have beta carotene which has an impact on the healthy appearance of the skin. Among its benefits, given the season is to provide our skin with a lasting and healthy. This food must always be present because the body does not store this vitamin, and you should always have it there safely.

2. Consume good fats:

Such as virgin olive oil, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, for example, as well as nuts, such as walnuts or almonds that are rich in vitamin E, and which also it is responsible for protecting the cells when we go through periods of stress, managing to face the aging process.

3. The rich snack with strawberries, kiwis, and lemon:

These fruits, besides being refreshing, provide our body with vitamin C, abundantly. It is essential that we maintain it in our body through food incorrect amounts since they are a good alternative to show a radiant face since they contribute to the synthesis of collagen. It is a very important protein that provides support to the skin tissue.

4. Proteins, calcium, and vitamins of group B with the contribution of yogurt, egg, and vegetables:

They have riboflavin or vitamin B2 which provides a healthy state in our skin, due to its powerful antioxidant effect. Specifically, the egg has vitamin D, as well as unsaturated fatty acids.

5. Fish, seafood, whole grains and meat, the source of minerals:

Although they are also present in vegetables, the truth is that fish, as well as whole grains, and meat if it is red, its consumption must be limited, they usually provide selenium and zinc which are two very important minerals to stop aging, since they contribute in the fight against oxidative stress and are beneficial for the good condition of our nails and hair.