man in white suit jacket sitting having an interview



  • How did you find about the university?

Possible information source: Showcase self-research such as Google, education fair, Agent, university website, recommendation from family or friend.

  • Why did you choose this university/college?
  • Why do you want to study in ABC Country?
  • What are the benefits of studying in ABC country compared to your home country or USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand etc?

Possible answer should include research facilities, safest place to study, straightforward visa process, experiences, International and Local reputation of the country, university reputation, simplified application process, cultural diversity, duration of programs, long history of welcoming students from South Asia due the commonwealth collaboration and being one of the ex-colonial countries, Quality of teaching in the university inspected regularly which enhance interpersonal and other skills of an international student.

  • Which other colleges/universities have you considered?
  • Where is the college/university?

Desirable answer in Credibility Interview: You need to give at-least 3 to 4 name of other universities where you applied or were thinking to apply. You must know the course name, duration, university location, tuition fee, etc. and comparison of program or university with your chosen university’s program. A below table can help you have all the information for this answer.No Differentiating Characteristic Your University University 1 University 21 Recent University Rankings(Program & Overall University Ranking from approved sources)2 Course Content and lecture panel3 Facilities and accreditation unique to the university or course4 Duration of study, Location5 Any other facts

  • Do you know anyone who has already studied there?

Possible Option: It would be advisable to search some university alumni on Facebook or Google and take idea about your chosen university, program, location etc. If not, you may discuss about the research that you have done on the university from reliable sources.

  • Why did you choose this course and how does it relate to your previous study?

Possible answer: it is expected that you should know the career progression and the industries that you can work in after finishing the program. After completing a bachelor in business management a student can make career in marketing / operation / accounting / Finance / Administration / Human resource management etc. Answer by providing valid justification.

  • How do you explain the gaps in your study/professional history?
  • Do you think your course is appropriate for someone of your age?

(if the student is doing program after very long gap) Need to justify the reason along with providing your learning from the job (gap period of study)Desirable Answer: You need to explain gaps clearly and with valid reasons. If you were doing job, then you should be able to tell your learning from job. If you were not doing anything then still you should tell something reasonable like preparing for any related professional exams or courses.


  • What is the relevance of the course to your future career path?

Possible answer: you need to explain the learning outcome from both courses and structure it in a way that helps you to achieve your future career goals.

  • What qualification will you receive?
  • And How long does the course last?

Possible information source: Offer letter, CAS, COE, I 20 letter, program information on university website.

  • What is the course structure?

Information can be gathered from the website.


  • How is your course assessed? (apparently frequently asked and students do not know)

Possible information source: Program information on university website (if not given, then you can ask it from admission department). Typical courses are assessed on the basis of written examination, assignments, presentation, team work, report writing, Dissertation, Case study etc.

  • Does this course offer any professional recognition?

Possible information source : Program information on university website. Etc Accounting courses are accredited by CPA in Australia – ACCA or CIMA in the UK, Engineering by Engineers Australia or IMEC in the UK, Computing programmes by ACS Australia or BCS UK.

  • Are you planning to stay in ABC Country on completion to study for a higher award?

It is a tricky questions and answer should be given as per the conditions and your goals.

  • Are you thinking of transferring to another institution on completion?

It is a tricky questions and answer should be given as per the conditions and your goals.

  • Where will you stay in ABC country?
  • How far is it from the university?
  • Will you need help finding accommodation?
  • Do you know what your accommodation will cost in or off campus?

It is a tricky question and here interviewer wants to see whether you have done any research on the location of campus or not. This answer will entirely depend on your situation. You must know where you are going to stay during the program, how far it’s from university and how you will reach to university from your place.

  • Do you understand the responsibilities of students entering ABC country under a student visa?

Please refer to the immigration websites for information on conditions relevant to student visas.


  • Do you have relatives in ABC country?

Only mention immediate relatives such as Parents and siblings or anyone who you visited in ABC country on previous visas.

  • Who is financing your studies?
  • What is the profession of your financial sponsor and what relationship they have to you?
  • Do you have evidence of the financial status of your financial sponsor, e.g. bank statements for last 6 months, ongoing income, investments, etc?
  • Can you prove the money is available for study?
  • Would you be able to pay your tuition fees deposit up front?