3 Delicious Healthy Soups Recipes

Delicious Healthy Soups Recipes , 3 recipes

3 Delicious Healthy Soups Recipes, Soups are something that you will like to have it several times in a day. The best part of soups is you can change its ingredients as you want. You can also make it with your kitchen leftovers.

Here we have provided 3 delicious healthy soups recipes. You will surely like it!

1. Light soup of Beans and Noodles:


•    200 g of beans

•    Half a head of garlic

•    A bay leaf

•    A sprig of fennel

•    Extra virgin olive oil

•    150 g chard

•    50 g of noodles

•    2 onions

•    Salt to taste


•    In a pot with two liters of water heat the beans (soaking since the previous night) with garlic, bay leaf, a little extra virgin olive oil and the spring of fennel. Boil one hour on low heat.

•    Add the chard, chopped onions, 50 g of noodles and salt, and cook 15 minutes more.

The combination of beans with noodles provides high-quality proteins.

2. Solar cream of Potatoes, Pumpkin, and Carrot:


•    300 g of sweet potato

•    200 g of pumpkin

•    150 g of carrot

•    150g of leek

•    100 ml of soy milk cream

•    Ginger powder

•    Salt

•    To decorate: watercress leaves and flaked wheat germ


•    The sweet potato, the pumpkin, the carrot, and the leek are cleaned and peeled. They are chopped, cooked for 25 minutes in half a liter of water and crushed to a fine cream.

•    Add 100 ml of soy milk cream, powdered ginger, and sea salt, and decorate with watercress leaves and flaked wheat germ.

The orange color of the cream reflects its richness in the antioxidant beta-carotene, to which the vitamins C and E of watercress and wheat germ are added.

3. Bean and Onion Soup:


•    One onion

•    500 g of black beans

•    A little savory or thyme

•    25 g of almonds

•    Some thin slices of toast


•    Chop and fry an onion and, when transparent, add the black beans clean and chopped.

•    Season with savory or thyme, salt and put 1.5 liters of water.

•    While it is hot, the almonds are chopped and added with some thin slices of toast.

•    It cooks all 10 minutes.

This soup is rooted in the ancestral aromas of the forest. Satisfy your soup craving with these simple, tasty, and healthy soup recipes.