Educator Hub Facebook launches for post covid education system

Educator Hub Facebook launches for post covid education

Facebook launches Educator Hub for post pandemic education system.

The ongoing pandemic changed every aspect of our life including the education sector. Due to the lockdown the system had to be revised and adapted but switching to virtual classes and likewise that also had an impact on the way the kids were assessed for their progress.

Like in every other sector as well, while it is being wished that we are able to find a cure for coronavirus, everyone continues to adopt ways to safely open up for work. Therefore, with the adoption of relevant SOPs going back to school is also going to look and feel different.

In order to assist students, teachers and parents Facebook has launched a resource centre, Educator Hub. The resource material is focused on improving learning outcomes, teaching methods and help with lesson plans. In addition to these the hub also aims to focus on the impacts of the pandemic and has sections that deal with teacher connectivity and mental health.

As per Facebook’s Newsroom:
“Back-to-school season looks different this year due to COVID-19, and parents, teachers and students around the world are facing a myriad of challenges, from remote teaching and learning, balancing work and home responsibilities, and most importantly, maintaining the safety and well-being of all involved. That’s why we’re launching an Educator Hub to support teachers and provide resources across our apps to help people navigate the new school year, stay connected and take care of each other.”

There are predictions being made that there is a danger of a second wave and in that case it is important that the institutions and everyone connected are prepared in advance to swiftly adapt to virtual systems.

There is also an option for students and teachers to stay connected, even if they are continuing to manage a remote class. With unpredictability becoming the new norm it is important that we continue to strengthen the remote teaching tools.