Surprising “Fitness” Facts – You Must Know

Surprising “Fitness” Facts – You Must Know

When it comes to fitness, suddenly everyone has a clue. If you want to shine at the next round table with completely surprising fitness know-how around the athlete body, read our surprising fitness facts.

Wet facts: sweating, drinking, and swimming:

The skin works with about four million sweat glands: most of them, up to 400 per square centimeter, sit in the palms and soles of the feet. So we sweat every day about a liter of body fluid, without noticing. And in heat, fever, exertion and a diligent metabolism, it can be more.

Already with a 1% loss of water, our thirst quenches. If there are 5%, fainting threatens and death at a 10% loss of water. In fact, one should always drink something before a thirst. When thirsty, the body is already slightly dehydrated and lack of concentration or headache can be the result.

Swimmers and divers beware: Theoretically, we get around without oxygen for about five minutes. But if you try it, you will soon find out: About 30 seconds after exhaling, a strong respiratory reflex sets in. But you can train that. This is how pearl divers manage to stay underwater for four to six minutes. Incidentally, the world record is 15 minutes.

More informative knowledge for fitness fans:

•    Men burn fat faster than women and the female metabolism is more responsive to stress: Fat is stored faster on the stomach, buttocks, and hips: Thus, the female body proactively secures in case of pregnancy against lack of energy.

•    Sport and exercise not only slow down the physical aging process. And have a preventive effect against many civilization diseases but also bleed through the brain and keep it mentally fit.

•    Sport is the best anti-aging agent anyway: Due to the increased sweat flow as well as the metabolic activities, the body cleans itself and sweats off bad substances diligently.

•    Two weight training sessions per week can reduce your body fat percentage by up to three percent within three weeks.

•    Those who listen to music during training are more efficient because the effort is less perceived and last longer.

•    Although many fear the shock of jogging on the body, there is nothing to worry about for anyone with healthy joints: jogging even strengthens the bones. Because of the load, the synovial fluid is better distributed and supplies the bones optimally with nutrients. The increased metabolism and certain hormones contribute to improved muscle care.

•    Regeneration and sleep are just as important as the training itself because muscles grow and learn overnight. Too little sleep also has negative effects on fat metabolism. So be sure to treat yourself to at least seven hours of sleep.