How to Become a Best YouTuber

How to Become a Best YouTuber? Important Tips

As YouTuber With the continued rise of Vlogging culture, every one wishes to become the best YouTuber. If you are one of the dreamers, here we are giving some most important tips to become the best YouTuber.

1. Think about what you are good at:

YouTube videos are funny in most cases or help those watching to learn something. These are often tutorials. Ideally, you combine these two things together and make a fun tutorial. It is therefore advisable to make videos about something that you know well or about which you know well.

2. Select content that requires continuation:

It’s important to upload videos regularly to keep your subscribers constantly updated. So if you want to reach a lot of subscribers, you should look for a topic that you can build on well, and which calls for sequels. Always think of something new but stay true to a recognizable, continuous line so that you can establish your own brand.

3. Take care of the recorder:

Next, you should decide what to record your video with. Depending on your desired professionalism and quality and depending on your available budget, you can use the integrated laptop camera, rotate the video with your smartphone and use a single-lens reflex camera or a camcorder. You should also pay attention to the tone. Especially if you record a song, that’s important.

Either you use the integrated microphone of your laptop or you get an external microphone. In any case, make a few test shots of picture and sound and watch them before uploading your video. So you can find out what else you should improve!

4. Edit your video:

There are already many free programs today such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker on any PC or laptop. If you have more budget and want to make more professional videos, you can also organize FinalCut or Adobe Premiere.

5. Upload your video to YouTube:

The upload itself is easy. It is more difficult to write an apt description or to find the appropriate title, good hashtags or keywords. Take some time to think about it and consider: How are people who might be interested in your video, best on your video?

6. Share the video on social networks:

Now it’s important that you get your video circulated and known! For this, you should start by relying on your relationships in the social networks. The more people see, like, share, and comment on your video, the more attention your channel gets.

This increases the chance for them to subscribe and watch your next videos. Share the video on your own account and also ask your friends to share your video.