Things to know about Immigration Pakistan to Canada

Things to know about Immigration Pakistan to Canada

Most of the people who want to migrate from Pakistan to Canada are able to work in Canada and make their contributions to the Canadian economy by immigration.

Working in Canada has never been so easy.

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program allows you to have a working experience in Canada.

If you are planning for immigration Pakistan to Canada, you need to take several points into consideration.

As there are several programs, it is very important to understand them well first to know which one we want to request. In addition, each one has its specific requirements and depending on what type of program we are looking for we will need a little prior preparation, before being able to apply for a visa.

Positive points about working in Canada:

– The programs to study and work allow you to work with some conditions.

– Through a program of International Experience Canada, you can work without time limits.

– If you enroll in a technical or university course, you can work part-time during your studies and full time on your vacations.

– When you finish a technical or university course you can stay in the country to work a few more years (it will depend on the duration of the course).

– There is the possibility of applying for residency when you finish your higher education and have had work experience in Canada.

– Canada has thousands of job opportunities.

– The unemployment rate is low and the economy grew around 2% in 2012.

– Many people end up getting a sponsorship from a company.

Canada is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world and this can be your opportunity to start a new life or enrich your professional career. Canada is a country with a high rate of qualified immigration since professionals are needed to cover the surplus of job offers. Its economy is very strong and presents a solid and prosperous growth.

In Canada the minimum salary varies between 8 and 11 CAD per hour, that is, with a Part-Time job, typical of the student, you earn about CAD 1,000 a month, while with a Full-Time job, you can earn about 1,600 CAD at least monthly.

In some jobs, as a waiter, for example, you will earn more, since in Canada it is very common to leave a tip which is around 15% of the total bill.