Important Tips to Have a Healthy Breakfast

Important Tips to Have a Healthy Breakfast

What is a good breakfast? Cereals, yogurt, fruits, bread, cookies are some of the alternatives to feed. However, there are better and worse combinations.

The idea is that the breakfast contains a low-fat dairy, a whole grain cereal such as bread or oats, a fruit, and nuts. Conversely, foods high in sugar, fat, and sodium, such as sweetened cereals, pâté or butter, should not be present, as they increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The brain works on a food basis, says doctor. If you only eat coffee and cookies, you give a sugar pump to the body but the energy will only be in the first hours. Then, desperately, you will look for something to eat and satisfy your need for hunger.

Then, review some tips to have a healthy breakfast and start the day with energy:

1. Healthy carbohydrates:

A good breakfast contains at least one healthy carbohydrate that does not cause alternating blood sugar. For example oats or rye bread.

In addition, ingesting fibers is paramount, since the sensation of satiety will last longer. Sugar is digested very fast, therefore, the effect of hunger returns in a few hours.

2. Adequate and low-fat proteins:

Instead of eating very heavy foods like eggs, whole milk or sausages, better change them for something healthier.

In that case, voracious hunger empowers the body and the mind, taking our capacity for decision towards foods high in fat, sugar, and sodium that are more attractive to the senses and more frequent in commerce, which encourages their consumption, favoring weight gain.

3. Fruit smoothie (alkaline foods):

It is a good option to be part of the breakfast. If it’s a smoothie that includes fruit or vegetables, oats, seeds like skimmed milk, it could be breakfast.

A glass of lemon or orange juice, a white tea or an apple is ideal. They have the same effects as a coffee but it is much healthier.

4. Hydrate well:

To start the day it is very important to leave with the brain and body well hydrated, so at breakfast, you should drink at least 2 glasses of water, one at the beginning and the other at the end of eating.

The lemon juice helps cleanse the body. The lemon juice helps cleanse the body and have energy.

5. Eat a good amount of food: It is recommended to consume at least 300 and 400 calories. In addition to doing it sitting and quiet, since eating something on the way to work or school, in a hurry, is not good to start the day or for the body.