Some Important Tips for the Great Job Interview

Some Important Tips for the Great Job Interview

You want to ace your next Job interview? Here are the great tips to help you to prepare for Job interview?

1. Only ask for a postponement of the interview if absolutely necessary and in that case provide a genuine, valid reason. Do it over the phone and apologize for the inconvenience.

2. If you get stuck in a traffic jam despite a sufficient time buffer on departure and notice that you will be late, call early (not fifteen minutes before the appointment) and explain the situation. Stay calm and above all honest.

 3. Sit down only after you have been asked and thank you for that with a short “thank you”. The same is true at the end of the conversation: even if your counterpart already puts his documents together, you should sit and wait until he or she gets up.

4. Take a seat that is as relaxed as possible but not too casual. Make use of the entire seat area and not just the front edge area like a student before the pause ringing.

5. Do not memorize your resume. If you are asked to outline your background, you should freely reproduce the points in your Curriculum Vitae and be systematic. Be prepared for interruptions by the interviewer.

6. Outfit: Do not do any experiments and leave everything extravagant. Choose muted colors. It is also important that you feel comfortable. If necessary, you “practice” in advance the wearing of your newly acquired outfit.

7. Do not answer a question with a smooth line. Whether it’s your last salary, your pastime or the question of the gap in your resume, honesty lasts the longest. However: A little filing is allowed on a case by case basis. While your last salary for experienced HR professionals is quite understandable, it does not make much sense to say you play golf if that is not the case.

8. Think in advance how to explain a major gap in your resume. Filling absenteeism with little cheating or even lies is not a good solution, because sooner or later the dizziness will be revealed. Try to explain the periods in question positively.

9. If your bubble is reporting, wait as far as possible until the current question block is over. Excuse me and ask you to take a short break to go to the bathroom. Avoid taking diuretic drinks, such as coffee, tea or orange juice, just before the appointment.

Also, do not eat garlic, onion, etc. the day before. Make sure you have a fresh breath (use mouthwash shortly before the appointment!).