The list of the most leading music platforms

The list of the most leading music platforms

leading music platforms, Music is and will remain one of the best tools that society uses today. leading music platforms , Whether to distract us, dance, takes us to a certain feeling, among many others. For many, the fact of listening to songs translates it from the world and can help to define our existence.

Songs to your liking:

We all look for the best ways to download music, either because a new hit or a record of our favorite artists has been released and so on. It can be digested as transferring files from internet service to a local device or a computer.

Therefore today we present the best options for you to have a complete catalog of the genre you like.


It is considered one of the most famous multimedia applications in the world. It used with streaming playback of what we are looking for, having access to millions of songs and can be used from anywhere in the world. Best of all, you can use it for free and if you like you can try the version of Spotify Premium payment that generates additional options.


The recognized application pays where you can have excellent services. Maybe it is not what you get to look for because you will have to spend some money. But if you decide to try it you will realize that it is worthwhile to spend in this successful application.


Its main objective is to listen to songs without internet. How? Well, very simple, Dropbox generates a cloud of songs where you can listen to what you like, at any time. It can be used from any smartphone or from our computer and is free. Do not wait to try it.


It has an incredible collection of 30 million songs, all crazy. The aforementioned applications with this figure have nothing to envy. You can download as many playlists as you want. The necessary thing is to have a connection to WiFi or a stable data plan to avoid any problem. The application gives a free month and if the user decides, it continues paying.

Is YouTube compatible with downloading music? We already know that YouTube is one of the favorite places to watch and listen to videos. Therefore, it has become the most famous platform in the world to listen to the music of any artist or genre. The reason is simple: this site is where the output of any song or album of the artists is published immediately. Thus, the variety of music is great.