Tips to stay fashionable even in summer season

Tips to stay fashionable even in summer season

Tips to stay fashionable even in summer season. In addition to rising temperatures, it is really tough to stay fashionable. So here we present to you some most important tips which you should take into consideration.

1. To begin, internalize these three rules:

•    In summer, the “less is more” becomes more real, do not reload! Not in dress or makeup.

•    Health is beauty, especially when it comes to skin and hair, the more you take care of yourself, the more beautiful you will be.

•    The summer is 3 months, enjoy them calmly! Do not rush with the sun.

2. Do not go out without sunscreen:

Whether you’re going to do sport or if you’re going to buy bread, or have stayed to eat. It is best to use SPF 30 or even 50 if your skin is very white, why? Well, because sunburn, apart from being very inelegant, can be dangerous. Check your moles and see the doctor if you think it is necessary. Sunbathing without protection is one of the causes of premature aging of the skin!

3. Wear white or any other light colors:

It is the best solution for your skin to take a light and flattering color until you get dark naturally. Choose one that does not stain your clothes.

4. Ad feet and sandal:

Sandals do not feel good if you do not have impeccable feet, and if you’re not comfortable you will not boast about them either. Bet on the platforms that is more bearable than the heel, and takes care of your heels and nails with good hydrating treatment and pedicure.

5. Take care of your lips:

Did you know that the skin of the lips is up to seven times thinner than the rest of the face? Always carry with you the moisturizing lipstick with protection!

6. Hair care: look fashionable

To keep the hair collected and under control. If you like a repellent, help yourself with a protective sun cream for your hair, so you will not get out even a little hair.

Take advantage of the braids to keep your mane in perfect condition. Just leave the water you can collect all the hair, bangs included, in multiple braids. And pick them up with hairpins. Not only will we be comfortable, but you will get some great waves.

7. Drink flavored waters and cold infusions:

It is that hydration is something that cannot be missing for your skin, your hair and your body to stay healthy in the face of high temperatures. Forget the refreshments and go to the naturally flavored waters.