WhatsApp Status introduces to ease privacy concerns

WhatsApp Status introduces to ease privacy concerns

The Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp, has launched its own Status facility saying that the company will be sharing the new updates and features with the users directly through their own status.

The first three stories from the messaging giant are about their new privacy policy and how it will or any other policies from the company will have no effect on their user’s privacy.

WhatsApp through its new status facility said that the company cannot read or listen to user’s messages and calls and that its commitment to privacy stays the same.

However, WhatsApp has given no indication whether the company will reverse course on the move that have received massive hate criticism from the world.

The instant messaging app earlier this month started sending out in-app notifications to its users, saying they had to accept the new terms by February 8 or lose access to the service.

The new privacy policy drew hate from users, the industry and even the governments, fearing that it would cross privacy lines. The move even triggered a number of investigations, in Pakistan and other countries.

WhatsApp is apparently using Status messages — the app’s take on Stories — to set users’ minds at ease.

Users of the Facebook-owned messaging app in the U.S. and UK received reassuring Status notes about WhatsApp’s approach to privacy on Saturday, according to a report from The Verge. One of Mashable’s sister sites in Asia also spotted similar messages earlier in the week.

The other Mashable (hi all!) noted that WhatsApp’s first three Status stories all focused on the company’s new privacy policy, which goes into effect on May 15. They’re simple, friendly messages that favor big ideas over piles of detail.

Moreover, millions of users have also shifted from the popular app to other alternatives, like Signal and Telegram.

While the move seems like a desperate attempt by the company to keep hold of its users, the company has not said that it will scuttle or delay the impending move.

Credits: mashable.com