7 European Countries Pakistanis Can Apply For Citizenship

Pakistanis Can Apply For Citizenship , 7 European Countries

7 European Countries Pakistanis Can Apply For Citizenship, If you are planning for immigration Pakistan to Europe, you will search for the best country to live in or the best city to apply for your citizenship. 7 European Countries Pakistanis Can Apply For Citizenship, Since instabilities of political parties in Pakistan, it is surely tough for Pakistani to migrate to any other country. However, here we have listed some of the European countries where you can easily apply for citizenship.

Following are the best 7 popular European countries to migrate from Pakistan.

1. Iceland:

The immigration process of Iceland is naturalization which allows those people who are living in the country for 7 years, they become a citizen once this period is complete. In case if Pakistani marries to Iceland citizenship person, he or she receives citizenship in just 3 years.

2. France:

France is the home of love. Every people love to visit Paris once in their lifetime. It is like your dream come true if you can get the opportunity to live as a permanent resident.

3. The United Kingdom:

There are many different types of Visa are available to enter in the UK. Most of the people always visit the UK on their work visa and later they apply to complete their specific duration.

4. Italy:

Those people who are planning to settle in Italy from Pakistan, this country offers a long-term visa, family, re-entry, and work. Students can easily apply for the “Study” visa.

5. Belgium:

Belgium country already has many Pakistanis. Also, Belgium allows their citizens for dual nationality. So if you will get immigration Pakistan to Europe in this country, you will not have to renounces yourself as a Pakistani Nationality.

6. The Netherlands:

Those Pakistani citizens who want to live in this country on a permanent visa after living on a study or work visa can be able to apply for the naturalization process.

What is the requirement for this naturalization visa process?

•    Applicant must be over 18 years.

•    You must be living in the Netherlands for minimum 5 years with valid permit residence visa.

•    You must have extended your permit residence visa on time.

•    Residence permit for residence must be valid within this process time.

7. Switzerland: Switzerland which has the Swiss Alps is the country which is the dream of every people to visit this beautiful place. Those people who wish immigration Pakistan to Europe can easily apply for their visa at the Embassy of Switzerland in Islamabad.