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Top 5 Things To Do in Italy, We provide tailor-made trips for groups of people (of up to 8 people). On our website, you can find all the information you need about our tours and also book a tour today. Whether it’s hiking the Cinque Terre or enjoying a spa day at a nearby resort, we make your trip as enjoyable as possible!

1. The Sights You Can’t Miss

Top 5 Things To Do in Italy, Venice, Florence, and Tuscany are all great places to see, but they can be hard to reach in a hurry and there are many things you can do that you simply can’t in another part of Italy. Venice is blessed with the most historic sights, from the great palaces of the Doge and his family to St Mark’s Cathedral (though you can also see it with a gondola!).

Touring around this city by bike is a great idea as it lets you see things like St Mark’s Basilica, Palazzo Ducale, and Piazza San Marco. You don’t need to be into history to enjoy these sights though; even if you are not interested in architecture, there are many other things you will enjoy seeing during your stay.

You could try cycling through the city or seeing the museums or any number of other activities. Florence is just as beautiful, but much more accessible by car. The city is filled with wonderful art galleries and monuments that are easily accessible by public transport (the train station is located near Ponte Vecchio).

The most famous museum here is the Uffizi Gallery which has some of the world’s most famous paintings. You could also check out Michelangelo’s David of Donatello’s David. Tuscany is just as beautiful as Florence but much harder to visit on foot (the best way to get around).

You should definitely consider renting a bike if you want to go on day trips here; there are also many things to do in Tuscany which would be otherwise hard without it. Another reason why visiting these places in Italy can be harder than elsewhere: they are very expensive! Venice costs around €100 per night for 2 people and Florence €100-200 per night for 2 people (depending on where you stay).

While Tuscany usually costs between €50-100 per night for 2 people, especially if staying in one of the country’s most famous villas (Villa Camarda, Villa Madama, etc.). If your budget doesn’t preclude expensive trips like this one then make sure not to waste time on exploring simple things when traveling because it may end up costing more than what your trip was worth.

2. Traveling in Italy’s Capital, Rome

Top 5 Things To Do in Italy, As the proverb says: “to have your fill of Italy requires a lifetime.” If you want to experience the best of Italy, it is difficult not to visit Rome. The history, architecture, and culture of this city is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting Italy.

Travelling in Italy's Capital, Rome
Traveling in Italy’s Capital, Rome

You can take the tourist route with a guidebook and head straight to the Coliseum for a glimpse at history’s greatest spectacle or go off the beaten path and explore the Eternal City on foot or by bike. Some have suggested that Rome should be seen as a living museum, with many interesting points of interest scattered throughout its historic centers such as Casa del Popolo (built-in 1641), Piazza Venezia (one of Europe’s most beautiful squares), and Palazzo Barberini (built-in 1560).


Travelers who are put off by so many tourists will find that after taking in an ancient city, they may want to spend more time exploring the countryside around Rome. For example, some people consider Poggibonsi one of the best hikes in Italy, while others prefer to walk along with Lake Albano in Tuscany. One thing is certain — your trip to Rome will definitely be unforgettable!


3. A Look at Sicily’s Landscapes and Culture


Top 5 Things To Do in Italy, Sicily, a small peninsula in the south of Italy, is known for its beautiful scenery. The rolling hills of the Tuscan region make it an ideal place to live and work; driving on its narrow roads, you can’t help but feel like you are moving through an intricate patchwork of lovely villages.

A Look at Sicily's Landscapes and Culture
A Look at Sicily’s Landscapes and Culture

It is not surprising that Sicily has many reminders of its Italian roots: it is still a center for artisanal production and crafts (along with nearby Naples), while the island’s rich history and culture also give Sicily a unique identity which makes it a great place to visit.


Here are 10 things to do in Sicily that you never knew existed:

1. Ham & Eggs on the Beach This popular breakfast isn’t just for breakfast! Grab your sunscreen and head to the beach (you can even have lunch on the beach). You’ll find many restaurants serving juicy seafood such as lobster and clams—the perfect way to start your day. If you have time, take a stroll on the beach with your family or friends before heading back to enjoy dinner at one of these fine restaurants.


2. Sicilian Wine Tasting Night A great opportunity for wine lovers who want to taste some Sicilian varietals without having to travel all over town, this event is held in various cities across Sicily—including Palermo—and invites wine lovers from all walks of life to visit local wineries where they can learn how wine is made and try some delicious wines straight out of their barrels! We suggest you bring along your favorite glass so that they can share their stories with you!.


3. Villa Caccamo Festival Let yourself be transported back in time when this festival celebrates Sicilian culture and traditions, enabling visitors from all over the world to experience traditional music and dance performances, food workshops led by local experts, traditional arts workshops, craft demonstrations featuring Sicilian jewelry exhibited by local artists, handicrafts displayed by local artisans and many more events during one of Sicily’s most famous festivals. And don’t forget about all those delicious Sicilian snacks made right in front of you!.


4. Maltese language classes in Malta This beautiful country off the coast of Africa is known for its Maltese language classes; though it was only given official recognition as an official language by Malta’s government in 2003 only 2% of Maltese citizens speak it fluently at home; so learn some basic. Top 5 Things To Do in Italy,


4. The Best Views of Venice


five most famous spots in the Cinque Terre are also called the “Five Stars of the Dolomites.” The term refers to a group of mountains in Italy that is popular among hikers. People from all over the world hike to these mountains, especially in summer; but it’s not only for tourists.

The Best Views of Venice
The Best Views of Venice

With its narrow paths and rugged terrain, the Dolomites are definitely not for beginners. In fact, you can even say that this region has a reputation for being difficult to reach and less accessible than other areas. They’re also known for their beauty and breathtaking views.


As you climb up to the higher altitudes, you’ll see white cliffs and green hills, dotted with olive trees and vineyards. This is also where you’ll find a wide variety of plants and flowers. You can even spot wild boars along some of the trails. You won’t have to hurry along either – because there are many different trails that take you through this area.


You can just start out on one trail at one point or make your way through several routes… or even combine several of them. Some even include waterfalls or rapids! Top 10 Things To Do In Venice Top 10 things to do in London.


5. Conclusion

Top 5 Things To Do in Italy, Just because you’re in Italy doesn’t mean you have to sit back and enjoy the scenery. As a recent visitor to Italy, I came across a phrase in a local newspaper that caught my attention: “Italians are obsessed with their cars.” Because the phrase was used as an expletive, I decided to take a closer look at the phrase and see if it meant something different than what it seemed to mean.


Upon doing some research, it turns out that Italians are quite obsessed with their cars and have been for decades. The phenomenon is also associated with heavy traffic and urban congestion, meaning that your car is literally on its own for most of the day.

And so I’ve compiled a list of 10 things you can do while traveling around Italy (and these things are free!). Be aware that this list covers everything from shopping in Venice to visiting an ancient monastery in Sicily… but we’ll focus on some of the more common activities one can do while visiting Italy these days.

The list is broken into two parts: 1)

Things you can do while driving your car, and 2)

things you can do if you’re not driving at all.1)

Things You Can Do While Driving Your Car (Free): Take a guided tour on one of the many free walking tours available throughout Italy or look up google maps to find your own tour company or company offering guided tours in a town near you.

While there’s no guarantee that what’s shown on your website will actually be offered through them, it’s worth checking out just to get an idea of what they offer!2) Things You Can Do If You’re Not Driving At All: Take a longer trip by train as opposed to taking your car for granted throughout Italy.

Take time for sightseeing instead of wasting hours every day driving through towns; rent bikes (even if you don’t plan on using them much); hire a taxi from one of the companies (there are plenty available) or go yourself and make use of their services; explore towns by bicycle, boat or even fly over them; rent scooters; explore Rome by foot; watch how scores of people flock around Vesuvius every day via helicopter.

Top 5 Things To Do in Italy…